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Cider House Showfield .... Always available for your event
Showfield in Bouckville, New York




2023 Dates June 2nd,3rd,4th 

 "June Show"

This town wide event is sponsored and promoted by

   Madison Bouckville Promotions

Put this weekend on your summer schedule.

Come Shop and stay with us!

Dealer space - call Ruth @ 315-825-8477

12'x16' under tent + 12'x20' attached for $190.00

Click here for a copy of our Showfield Contract for the June 2023 Show.



 Madison Bouckville Antique Week

2022 Dates August 15th-21st
Cider House Showfield opens Tuesday, August 16th at 8am.
Book early!  Call 315-825-8477 Ruth

                             12'x16' under tent + 12'x20' attached for 

                                             6 days. Outside available-call

For August Show Info call 315-825-8477. 


 Cider House Showfield has become one of the favorite showfields of the Northeast.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Buy, Buy, Buy

Wider tents, 24hr security, Clean Restrooms, Showers, Wi-Fi










The largest and best show of the season is

" Madison Bouckville Antique Week 2023" (August 14-20), 






The Cider House Showfield, located in the heart of Bouckville adjacent to the Cider House Antique Shop, offers many comforts our loyal vendors and their customers have come to enjoy.



                                                                                     Also visit: Madison County Tourism
                                                                                                        Madison Bouckville Antique Week


               Well manicured grounds, mowed weekly through the summer                 

Clean restrooms and 24 hour pay showers on site


Quality food vendors on the field

Vending machines, ice, change machine and on site

Campground (August Show sells out early)


Free parking for customers and vendors

Free regular garbage pickup


Click here to contact us.


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